Below is a brief outline about the accountancy services that I offer. Click a title to expand information on that subject, further information can be found on the sub-menu items under Services.

  1. Are you required to complete an annual Self Assessment return ?
    I deal with routine tax compliance, including preparation of Self Assessment returns, calculating tax liabilities, and dealing with the HM Revenue and Customs etc.
  2. Are you self employed (no matter how small your business)?
    I deals with the taxation of self employed individuals and partnerships, including preparation of annual accounts.
  3. Are you employed, and receive benefits in kind (eg company car)?
    If you receive benefits in kind, I can help you check tax codes, P11D forms, and tax demands received from the HM Revenue and Customs. Depending upon your circumstances, I may also be able to discuss with you any tax planning steps that could be taken to reduce the level of your benefits in kind, and thus the tax due in this respect.
  4. Does your annual income exceed £42,000?
    If your total income exceeds £42,000 you will be liable to Higher Rate Tax at 40% (or 45% if your income exceeds £150,000). Remember, investment income (bank interest / share dividends / rental income etc) count towards this limit. If you fall within this category, I will be able to calculate and advise you of your Higher Rate Tax liability. Depending upon your circumstances, I may also be able to discuss with you any tax planning steps that could be taken to reduce your exposure to Higher Rate Tax.
  5. Are you in receipt of rental income?
    If you are in receipt of rental income, I can prepare your annual rental income accounts, ensuring that all allowable expenditure is claimed, and calculate and advise you of your resultant tax liability. I can also assist in the preparation of your ‘Land and Property’ Self Assessment Return.
  6. Do you need assistance with Capital Gains Tax?

    If you require advice and assistance on Capital Gains Tax issues, I can help. Whether you are selling a business / property, require long term capital tax planning, or simply wish to dispose of some shares, I can identify your potential tax liability, before discussing with you any possible planning steps which could be taken to reduce this.

    Remember, planning ahead with Capital Gains could save you thousands of pounds in tax.

  7. Do you receive income from abroad, or do you work overseas?
    Whether you are an expatriate working outside of the UK, or require tax planning assistance for permanent immigration or emigration to / from the United Kingdom, or if you are UK resident receiving income from abroad, I can help.
  8. Are you are experiencing problems with HM Revenue and Customs?
    If you are experiencing any problems with HM Revenue and Customs whatsoever (including enquiries / investigations), I would be pleased to be of assistance to you.

Landlords / Property Investors

Landlords / Property Investors

As a landlord and property investor myself, I specialise in advising clients on all aspects of taxation and advice on this subject.

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CIS Tax Refunds £250

CIS Tax Refunds £250

The majority of Construction Industry Scheme subcontractors who have tax deducted via the CIS scheme are entitled to a tax refund at the end of the tax year.

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